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"I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and how clean and tidy you left our fireplace that I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!"

Bob Keith
Sebastopol, CA 

Our fireplace never really worked right from the day it was installed by another company, and they were never able to actually fix it! You made our fireplace work right every time and the flames look so much more realistic now compared to before. Thanks again Fireworks!

Tom Wittenger
Santa Rosa, CA

I'm so glad we found you. No one else was able to figure out the problem with our fireplace. It now works and looks GREAT! We will definately give your name to our friends and family, and call you yearly for maintenance!

Terry & Carolyn Palmer
Novato, CA

I have enjoyed wood heat all my life. I am renovating my home and my 25 year old Lopi was still working, but having seen probably 75 cords of wood, it had lost its efficiency and looked like it!
I was recommended to Justin Daniels (Fire Works) and can’t say enough good things about the whole process with Justin. Justin came and measured my fireplace so I could go shopping. Justin guided me on the right path for shopping for another quality insert. He answered my questions efficiently and timely during the shopping process. Justin recommended a mason for hearth repairs and I also used his chimney sweep recommendation, since my chimney sweep had retired. Both contractors were also class acts. When I chose the insert, Justin even facilitated the delivery with me. The installation was not an easy one in my 40 year old home. Justin  persevered and despite the challenges, stuck to the original bid. I now have an efficient, nice looking insert and wow, does it work well.
I highly recommend Justin’s company, Fire Works for any stove needs you have. He is honest, efficient and knowledgeable.
 Capp Dunnebeck
Sebastopol, CA

Hello Justin,

I am writing this letter with great gratitude to your company who recently repaired my fireplace.  

I was very relieved that you could fit me into your very busy schedule, on such short notice.  You  did a fantastic job, and my fireplace works and looks better than ever!

My home was left neat, clean, and warm.  Without the quick response, I would have been without heat for several days.  

I would certainly recommend your company and am most appreciative of your making customer care a priority.  Your company is to be commended.

Thank you again,


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Jennifer Jaegel
COO/Business Development

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